water wars!

As i was headed for my office, i got stuck in traffic near the signal at trident hotel next to airport runway. this is no surprise in chennai as the road length is just wide enough for a bus and cycle to travel side by side thanks to chennai metro occupying half the road. only this time, the vehicle that impeded my movement was a metro water lorry and it was headed in the same direction till my office in guindy which is located right opposite to my office. the thing that bothered me the most was the number of holes near the lorry’s pipe and also the cover of the tank was left open. the problem is everytime there is a pothole( and there are one too many on GST Road) and lorry runs over it, almost a bucket of water jumps out of all the holes and drenches the people nearby. i dont mind the occasional bath on such a hot day but it made me wonder how much tamilnadu is dependent on its neighbors for water and how easily our chennai metro takes things for granted. TN is already on a war mode with kerala over mullaperiyar dam, periodic tussle with karnataka over kaveri water release and occasional tussle with andhra over krishna water. if it was a single lorry spilling water then it could be brushed aside as an isolated incident but all lorries waste shed atleast a few litres on its way to the destination. is there any solution at all? already there are predictions that dead sea will be extinct in another 50 years and you will be to walk across from jordan to israel. do we really need to do our part in making this happen faster than it is predicted?

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4 thoughts on “water wars!

  1. Vinod

    good one .guess if you can add some drama using ur imaginative pulses.. say a man was walkin down the road …..some humorous or satirical stuff ….

  2. Hey… well come to ‘wordpress’ world… There are many stuffs are available to know with this site. You will get to know, day by day… Don worry… Keep blogging… All the best 🙂

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