Books i enjoyed reading the most:The Mine

               Having spent some time reading some heavy duty books like catch-22 and the fountainhead, i really needed to read something that is actually fun to read without boring me to death or falling asleep. i thought of picking up “Revolution 2020” but i did not want to be judged and end up as a laughing stock! so i went in favor of this highly praised book by arnab ray and i’m glad i chose this. dark thrillers are one genre where you don’t find quality stuff written by indian authors. however, this book is high quality stuff and moves at breathtaking pace and is a steady page turner. the story begins with strange series of events that happen down a secret mine in Thar desert in rajasthan where  a group of people employed by a research facility are digging for rare minerals.  during their dig, they accidentally stumble upon a rock with significant carvings and phrases in latin and try to destroy it. after they attempt to destroy, all hell breaks loose and strange things happen to people working in that particular shaft for which there is no plausible explanation. In comes a team of researchers which include a doctor,an archaelogist,a psychologist and a specialist in industrial security systems and electronic surveillance to study this weird phenomenon and to find out whether the project can indeed go ahead further. what happens after that is something you could have never imagined and totally unexpected yet has a completely plausible explanation. the adrenaline rush that one experiences as the novel races through is maintained throughout and there is not even a single dull moment. twists and turns in the plot kept reminding me of the other great thriller i’ve read “the girl with the dragon tattoo”. at 280 pages long, this book is a must read for someone looking for thrill ride or a fun afternoon read.

Did i like it?  very much. Highly recommended.

Did i fall asleep?  Nope.

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