wikipedia and the art of fundraising

i love wikipedia. to me it is the single greatest invention after google. from new technologies like cloud computing to planning for  my next travel destination to researching great movies that released before i was born to finding out how much career prize money roger federer has won,it has become a prime destination for my research. my google searches on more than 95% search has indicated wikipedia as the first hit so i’ve even stopped using google. and here is the best part: every time i turn to wiki, i become so engrossed in each topic that will lead me to another article followed by further few articles that i end up getting lost in an ocean of knowledge without even realising why i came to wikipedia in first place!

every year,towards the end of september, on wiki homepage, appears a mugshot of its founder jimmy wales with a beard and a look that pretty much conveys how much he has been starving to keep wikipedia alive under the caption “An appeal from jimmy wales”. it goes on say further stuff like how wikipedia is devoid of funds and how much fund they need to raise in order to keep the website running. every year, i usually donate 20$ as a small token of thanks to immense knowledge i’ve gained from it rather than thinking whether my favorite website will have enough funds to be alive on jan 1 of next year. i simply ignored the repeated mails from sue gardner asking for spreading the message thinking i’ve done my part so why should i bother bugging my friends who would probably delete it as another forward message. i was under the impression that jimmy wales’ mugshot is cool enough to fetch all the money it needs. check out the below pic to see what i’m talking about.

the art of fundraising

trust me when i say raising funds is one of the hardest things you could do. never realised how hard it is to set targets and reach target each year so that you can pursue the thing you are most passionate about. i did not even bother to think how wikipedia actually runs and how they don’t accept any ads  or analyse why they run on public servers. i was totally ignorant until i had to raise funds for an NGO ILMME shown in the screenshot above. about an year ago, i joined this fantastic NGO that is solely dedicated for a single purpose: making our planet green and a better place to live in. when i was asked to raise funds for this NGO, i volunteered myself totally and actually found myself doing something for the community and one that has nothing to do with me. i believed my pals would help me out in my noble gesture. and some of them did. some of my friends contributed generously or in some cases atleast the minimum token amount i asked. i will be eternally grateful to them. other friends even acknowledged my efforts and agreed to even raise funds for an NGO which they’ve just heard from me. and i thank them yet again. but still i could not reach the target or raise significant fund. not for lack of trying. but when it is extremely difficult for even an online bigshot like wikipedia, you can imagine how hard it must be for a newbie. however i do believe firmly that ILMME will become big one day just like greenpeace or nat geo did.  if not this year, some day it will. just like wikipedia became an integral part of my life!

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2 thoughts on “wikipedia and the art of fundraising

  1. Guru

    Exact replica of my thought.
    Now a days i`m feeling lil proud of being a fund raiser for NGO like ILMME… a good cause…

    • indeed i said, this is a minor hurdle. but i have seen a lot of change in attitude towards NGO’s in general and ILMME in particular!

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