the descendants

Ever seen a movie that you watched by downloading illegally from the internet which after watching you wish you had seen it in theatre instead? the descendants is one such was already on my list of oscar movies to watch after it received rave reviews from critics and also with george clooney winning a golden globe. and no this doesn’t have hi-fi technical effects or mindblowing action sequences which beckons a theatre visit. even after reading the story on wikipedia, i was not able to fathom why this movie is so critically acclaimed. you need to see it for yourself to understand why the descendants is a brilliant movie and one of the finest movies you may have ever seen. the story telling is honest, the acting by the cast is top-notch plus the fact that a sad story of a crumbling family can be told humourously is something that works in its favor. after watching i can honestly say that real star of the movie is the hawaiian backdrop. i’ve seen hawaii in so many movies from 50 first dates to the hit tv series “Lost” but never before has the island been captured so beautifully. throughout the movie, a wonderful guitar soundtrack accompanies the narration which when combined with stunning visuals is pure magic. do yourself a favor and go watch it in a nice theatre. movies like these are not made often!

P.S:i have already booked a ticket for a second time and forcing my brother to watch this epic!

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