fit and fabulous!

finally i can proudly put a tick against the second item on my bucket list for 2012 which is to improve my fitness and lose weight. this week i enrolled myself in a gym to get fit and slim as well as to lose my pant size a couple of inches. around this time last year, i saw this movie called payanam in which nagarjuna playing a commando looked so cool and suave in his perfectly chiselled body that still got imprinted my mind so much that i immediately decided to do something to get into that shape. tried walking in a neighborhood park for an hour everyday but could not wake up in time. and every time i woke a bit late, top gear will be running around 7am on bbc entertainment which is too good to miss. after which sun shines in chennai without respite. this went on and off for three months without any improvement. the biggest setback came to me in the form of my trip to sravanabelagola and chikmaglur. took 30 minutes to climb a peak that was supposed to be a cakewalk with my tshirt totally drenched and gasping for breath!

it was truly evident that my fitness level sucks! thatswhy i intend to work hard and this gym workout will get me looking “fit and fabulous”!

P.S: the JOY RUN is organised by ILMME( a 10km run for charity event on 22-Feb at IIT MADRAS and simultaneously in 6 different cities. do try to make it if u can! for me it is a 10km walk with shortcuts and glucose!

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