The Artist-an ode to the silent movies

i was highly excited when i found out the artist was releasing just two days before the oscars. in india, they have this peculiar way of making a high pitch for oscar favorites by waiting till the oscar weekend to release the movie to cash in on its success. as a result, what should have been a normal release 3 months ago is now a delayed release. i’ve waited a long time to watch the artist since i heard of it through film critics and other film awards. i was well aware of the fact that it is a silent cinema and there are no dialogues and it is a black and white movie in 35mm. this actually worked in my favor since there is no difficulty in trying to understand every word the actors say!

the artist is a fantastic tribute to the silent cinema of the 1920’s era. never thought that i would enjoy a silent movie so much.all the tim i was watching i was thinking of how great actors like charlie chaplin were to have made a mark in cinema without any dialogues simply through facial expressions. george valentin, played excellently by jean dujardin is a star of the silent cinema era and who thinks silent movies are the future. however with the advent of talkies and his total dislike for movies with dialogues(he laughs shamelessly when he sees his first talkie movie) begins his career slide and thereby heralding arrival of new stars. how he copes with his decline and how he becomes a star again forms the rest of the movie. as i said already, the movie can be watched repeatedly for wonderful performance by jean dujardin, peppy miller(forgot her real name) who always stands by the man who accidentally led her to stardom and of course the dog which gave an amazing performance that it should easily have been nominated for best supporting cast! do go and watch the artist. it is when we watch movies like these do we understand why cinema is such a powerful medium.

did i like it? YES.

did i fall asleep? a little bit in the middle. but the a/c was in full blast so can’t blame the movie!

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