neengalum vellalam oru kodi- lollu sabha is back!

one of my favorite tamil shows of all time is the lollu sabha(old version) which used to play during my college days with santhanam in lead. the show was such a big hit and the lead star santhanam was so popular which gave him such a mass audience. one of the main reasons for the show’s popularity was their utter disrespect for the movie stars whom they imitate and totally damage their punch dialogue and mannerisms. even super star rajni was not excluded. his baba spoof and dialogues like “கதம் கதம்  முடிஞ்சது முடிஞ்சி போச்சு முடியாதது முக்கிட்டு போச்சு!” and “கத்திய நீங்க எடுத்த சமாதானம் நன் எடுத்த அன்னதானம் அஞ்சு சாம்பார் பொட்டலம்  வாங்கித்தரனும் baba counting starts ah one…” etc had me laughing till i had stomach cramps. the show producers even had to apologize for their pokkiri inspired show “bakery” which was total damage to ilaya can watch the show below.

sometimes the best ones of lollu sabha turned out to be the one in which they left mocking the movies towards their own subject. one such episode is the extreme english! hilarious!

i was a bit disappointed when it came to an end around 2010. however yesterday i was glad to see lollu sabha was back. in the form of நீங்களும் வெல்லலாம் ஒரு கோடி (kaun banega crorepati tamil version). the show hosted by surya was full of hilarious questions that the below video can be considered as serious show!

one of the sample questions is show below.

surya neither can talk humourously nor can he perform impromptu. the contestants chosen to play the game are chosen in such a way they can answer questions only upto 1 lac. the only reason to watch this show is for the funny questions they ask during the initial phases. otherwise even santhanam can host this show better than surya!

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