The raid redemption

finally i managed to watch the raid redemption that released yesterday in chennai. despite the sweltering heat, i booked a matinee show as i could not book the night show due to sheer distance between my home and satyam theatre. i was told this is a path-breaking film in the genre of action movies but i could not even imagine it would be the greatest fucking epic in the genre of action movies. i grew up watching jackie chan movies  and bruce lee’s “enter the dragon” and the occasional youtube videos of vijaykanth and the legendary balakrishna some of which were funny and some were truly great stunts. this movie totally redefines the action genre and there is no one way one could watch the whole movie without cringing or turning your face away from the screen atleast a couple of times. though nothing is as horrible compared to the saw movie. this is 100 minutes of exhilarating ride and the most fun you can have with your pants on.


plot: the swat team in jakarta goes to raid a 30 storey building in the city that the mafia has made its fortress. there is no way for the swat team to know how secure the building is so they decide to take the risk and go on with the encounter. soon the cops die pitifully when they find themselves outnumbered and their enemies much powerful than the cops they manage to thwart the enemies and how they survive the ordeal forms the crux of the story.


trivia: the action scenes involved uses a unique form of indonesian martial arts called pencak silat which i guess is the reason why the fight scenes were so original and refreshing. the best part is the camera doesn’t shy away from showing some really bloody scenes which surprisingly is very much watchable.


memorable quotes: in an interesting scene one of the main villains who is a bodyguard in that building  has a cop staring at his gun. he doesn’t shoot however and in fact throws his gun away and says “shooting to kill someone is like a fast food. fighting to kill a person is like enjoying a five-course meal. and i like to fight!”

Did i like it? Hell, yeah!

Did i fall asleep? not even a little bit.


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